Other Useful Resources

2014 ACCAHC Annual Meeting

ACCAHC's annual "State of the Organization" webinar for members, leaders and colleagues; highlighting projects and accomplishments. Slides available here.


ACCAHC in the News
Examples of print media coverage, interviews and electronic media releases on ACCAHC activities and projects.


ACCAHC Newsletters 2009-Present

Archive of ACCAHC newsletters and the Collaborator.

Interprofessional Education/Care (IPE/C) Events and Resources
A series of links to key organizations and events in a priority area of ongoing ACCAHC activity since 2009 and the Competencies for Optimal Practice in Integrated Environments.


Publications, Posters, and Presentations
Included are publications, posters from academic and research meetings and presentations on ACCAHC presentations selected for academic gatherings and conference keynotes.


Recorded Dialogues and Podcasts
Among these podcast from ACCAHC webinars are international IPE leader John Gilbert, PhD, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute CEO Joe Selby, MD, MPH, health system integration pioneer Lori Knutson, RB, BC-HN, workforce leader Richard Cooper, MD, and the directors of NIH-funded programs to enhance research literacy.


ACCAHC was born out of IHPC's NED work involving CAHCIM academics, has core members involved in its RWG, CWG and EWG plus AA, CT and CC SPIGS, and is active in projects of the IOM, PAINS, IMPriME, NCCAM, and others. Here is the key.


The Licensed Complementary and Alternative Healthcare Professions * At-a-Glance
Basic information about the five licensed integrative health and medicine (IHM) professions is captured here in one easy to read table.